Pregnancy Tests

Woman getting test results

Pregnancy is confirmed with a special test. The test can be done on either urine or blood. These tests check for a hormone made by the placenta. It is called human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (hCG). The hormone appears about 10 days after an egg is fertilized.

Levels of hCG nearly double every two days in the first 60 days of pregnancy.

Free pregnancy urine tests are performed at each of the Hillcrest Pregnancy Care Center locations. No appointment is needed.

What Additional Tests Can I Expect?

First trimester: OB blood panel done in office; ultrasound to confirm due date if necessary
18-22 weeks: Formal ultrasound done at Hillcrest Medical Center
24-28 weeks: Glucose tolerance test done in office
35-37 weeks: Group B Strep (GBS) testing done at OB office at Hillcrest Medical Center

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