Pregnant? There’s an app for that.

As soon as the second line, “yes” or plus sign appears, expectant mothers (and fathers) start the journey of learning what they need to know about bringing this new life into the world. There are books, family and friends, health care providers, and social media available to seek guidance and advice on everything from what to do and not do now that you are pregnant. As we have become a mobile society, grasping our connection with all of these resources in the palm of our hand, there are also apps designed specifically for this journey.

Apps like Baby Bump are downloaded daily to help soon-to-be parents navigate new unfamiliar waters of pregnancy with individualized updates and information. From tracking weight gain (that’s a fun one, right?) to baby’s development and even kicks, these apps offer expectant mothers a place to document their pregnancy, which can be very helpful during prenatal visits with their health care provider.

In addition to floods of information and tips, pregnancy apps can also connect expectant mothers with others going through this experience at the same time – even similar due dates. If you can’t be pregnant at the same time as your sister or best friend, here’s a chance to share this journey with someone who can relate to every craving, ultrasound and week-by-week changes.

For dads, there are apps tailored to their connection with the pregnancy, offering a bit of humor along the way.

Leading up to the big day, it is important for soon-to-be dads to know what to expect. From their mobile devices, apps like The Guy’s Guide to the Delivery Room, offer a “heads up” to help dads know how to prepare for the hospital, what calming words they can say to mom during labor and knowing the different stages of labor.

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